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  • Lee Diddy

    Lee Diddy

    Sport, Money, Food, Gym, Life.

  • Brianna Fugate

    Brianna Fugate

    Engineer @Mailchimp

  • Sydette


    Drapetomanic Amazonian Virago.RT not endorsements and words represent only me.

  • David Ryan Polgar

    David Ryan Polgar

    Tech Ethicist | Founder of All Tech Is Human | member of TikTok’s Content Advisory Council

  • Will Lindemann

    Will Lindemann

    Growth @BranchMetrics. Formerly Stanford and Google. This is water. This is water.

  • dogo


    dogo is free-to-use software that helps you get feedback on your pitch deck and share it with investors

  • Jeanne Marie Laskas

    Jeanne Marie Laskas

    GQ Correspondent; author of Hidden America (Putnam 2012); Director of Writing Program Univ of Pittsburgh @PittWriters

  • Aakash Garg

    Aakash Garg

    California grown | @BostonCollege ’18 | @500Startups intern | Lakers Fan | Lifelong Student | Stay humble. Stay hungry.

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