A non-vote is a vote for Donald Trump

Below are frequent statements I’ve heard from friends regarding why it’s okay not to vote and below are a few of my counterarguments. Use them, refine them!

  1. “My vote doesn’t matter” Both England’s Brexit and Colombia’s failed FARC Peace Deal prove that every voice and vote counts. Brexit won by less than 10% with many polls leading up to Brexit predicting a Brexit loss. The FARC Peace Deal lost by less than %1. In our country, President Obama narrowly won North Carolina by an average of just 2 votes per precinct. Essentially don’t believe the hype, your vote absolutely counts whether you’re in a “blue” or “red” state. In addition, thousands of propositions and down ballot candidates are important to consider as well.
  2. “Hillary doesn’t care about [insert issue area here]” Voting gives you a seat at the table and is an important step necessary to influence public policy. As a voter, you should be empowered to hold all elected officials accountable consistently on Election Day and beyond. Voting is just the beginning of the conversation.
  3. “I’m diehard#TeamBernie #BernieorBust” Many of Hillary’s positions have evolved in part because of the Bernie Saunders’s Campaign, which produced an important debate within our country and the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders has even become a vocal supporter of Hillary this Fall. Join a call hosted by Millennials for Hillary with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton today November 5th at 2pm EST here.
  4. “The presidential election doesn’t affect me” If you’re like me, you too may be swimming in the beauty of student loan debt. Hillary Clinton has articulated an extensive student loan debt plan aimed at curbing the $1.2 trillion in debt many of us have incurred starting with refinancing student loans. If that doesn’t affect you that affects 2 in 5 of us.
  5. “Don’t force me to vote for a candidate just she’s a [insert word here]” I agree, you shouldn’t vote for a candidate “just because.” I urge you to reconsider and write down the issues you care most about about and consider the person who would be advocating on your behalf. For me, that’s Hillary Clinton. Check out her descriptive policy outline for over 41 issue areas here. For me, the issues I care about are:
  • Student loan debt
  • Mass incarceration
  • Global health crises
  • Global education access
  • Infrastructure
  • Job security
  • Internet warfare
  • Climate change

See you at inauguration 2017,

✌ Adejire




i care. i do. i am. inspired by true events. @sharesafely @brookingsinst @btwfoundation. #27Quarters.

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i care. i do. i am. inspired by true events. @sharesafely @brookingsinst @btwfoundation. #27Quarters.

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